Friday, August 1, 2008

First Fridays at the Leedy 8-1-08

I had no idea! I didn't think so many people would love writing on my car. Fortunately, I was wrong. There must have been over a hundred people adding to my car's art. Fay and I parked the car at 6:00 and 30 minutes later, the whole car was covered. I went to Lulu's noodles w/ Fay to get some dinner and when I go back there was hardly any space left. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to tonight's art. It all looks great.

Some funny anecdotes:

There was this guy I met, Tracie, who does energy healing and readings who said that the car was the next big thing next to the drum guys up the street.

This lady went walking by looking for the Blue gallery. We tried to give her directions, but she gave up and said she was from Wichita and their Final Fridays was so much better. I offered for her to rest and write something on the car. She declined.

A couple people thought they knew me from a past life.

One lady took pictures of me in the car.

overall, it was a great night. I think I might try other spots in town for different perspectives to the art. if anyone wants a BB car at their next event, let me know!!

1 comment:

angel said...

you should bring it to the library... some saturday or sunday. let's schedule it.
also... kumc has a huge picnic style back to school thing at the end of august your car would be a great additon to that event...
i can hook you up with the event planner.

I emailed you at your rosedale account... but you will likely not get it until tmrw.

my kumc email is all done
and I can't recall your gmail address.
mine is

talk to you soon.