Thursday, August 14, 2008

Black Dog Coffee Shop

So, i met with Angel Dew this evening at Black Dog Coffee Shop to go over mural related stuff. I decided to drive the Metro out and park it in front of the shop. I told a group of people outside if they got incredibly bored that they should write on the car. They seemed pretty excited and actually drew some pretty great artwork. Probably the best the car has seen as of yet.

People keep asking me how I came up with the idea. I usually tell people about how I used to work at Home Depot and always tried to come up with interesting ways to utilize the 500 million different things they sell. BB paint was always a favorite for its potential...


angel said...

can we set up a time
for you to come to the library? third saturday
of september maybe?
we have a teen group that meets every third saturday and they are excited to rock out your car.

mikey141414 said...

SUre! i would love to. Unfortunately, today is third Saturday and I have a long list of errands. Definately next time though. I will put it in my planner right now!