Sunday, October 5, 2008

Mobile Expression #6 - Antioch Church

What a great day! Wonderful people enjoying their Sunday in what better way than expressing their faith and ideas on my car. Even though I may not share their enthusiasm, I am more than happy to share my car as a canvas. The folks at Antioch Church are very welcoming and happy.

As irony would have it, I went and saw Religulous last night.


Friday, October 3, 2008

Another great night!

A beautiful night in Kansas City. Great people, great beer, and wonderful conversations. Thanks to everyone who came out and took part. It seems like the weather will most likely turn cooler in the next few months, so I wonder if tonight was one of the last times for the year.

Interesting tidbits for the evening:
my grandmother's dog, Benny, tagged along and had a great time greeting artists who came by.
My friends, Tommy, Brian, Sasha, Erin, Joel, Audrey, Susan, and family Susan and Sarah all came out.
There were an amazing amount of visitors from other countries out tonight. I saw Japanese, German, and someone wrote "Vote for Obama" in Hebrew.

Another great night. Thanks so much, see you next month.

Oh by the way, a lot of you were taking photos and I would love to see them. you can email them to me and I can put them on the blog, or you can post them in a comment.

And if you read this, leave me a comment so I know someone reads this.