Saturday, September 6, 2008

mobile expression 4

Last night's mural may have been the quickest lived one yet. I finally left around 9:30 and after waking up this afternoon around 2, it is all gone...

The rain took it away as I explained to so many people last night. Fortunately I took 113 pictures of the evening, so if you wrote on the car you probably have a picture of yourself doing so.

Check out the photos and don't be afraid to leave comments.

Weird stuff that happened last night:
An anarchist(not that there's anything wrong with that) (who might have also had some mental illness issues as well) decided to "draw" all over everyone's art, supposedly in an artistic way? Very peculiar. I felt like intervening, but at the same time, I felt that this is what you get with public art: public artists. Everyone is invited: from McCain supporters, Obama supporters, sweet little kids who want to spend 20 minutes drawing their masterpieces much to their parents dismay, to the socially awkward anarchists that to a socially and civic-minded person seems very unfortunate, everyone is invited.

I met an art teacher from Blue Springs named Dennis who seems like a great guy. We talked for a bit and he drew on the car.

My aunt, sister-in-law, wife, and about 6 friends came out to hang out.

No weird lady's from Wichita this time though!

Thanks once again to everyone who drew on the car. Without you, it would just be a black car!


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ipbuckstophere said...

Yo man, I thought it for awhile, just haven't said it to you yet, but thats an awesome idea! Car looks great! :)