Sunday, October 5, 2008

Mobile Expression #6 - Antioch Church

What a great day! Wonderful people enjoying their Sunday in what better way than expressing their faith and ideas on my car. Even though I may not share their enthusiasm, I am more than happy to share my car as a canvas. The folks at Antioch Church are very welcoming and happy.

As irony would have it, I went and saw Religulous last night.



Kate Walz said...

What did you think of Religulous? I'm really interested in seeing it.

mikey141414 said...

Well, because of it's controversial nature, I find it difficult to recommend. I loved it! I also feel I am pretty open to new ideas and thoughts. I am not religious, nor do I believe in the Jesus stories. From my point of view, Bill Maher asked alot of tough questions for religious minded folks. I feel more empowered now to speak out about my beliefs, or non-beliefs. I would go see it regardless of whether you are religious or not. It is always good to see what the other side is thinking, eh?

Kate Walz said...

I'm pretty a-religious these days. I'm coming off a very Christian period that left me disenchanted, and now I'm just kind of exploring different spiritualities and beliefs, deciding what I think. I think Bill Maher is brilliant, though occasionally in need of manners, and I'd love to see what he discusses with people.
Thanks for the tip!

PS--Our election party is Nov. 4. Hope you guys can come! Steve will be there, other than that it will be all new people.

mikey141414 said...

Well, in that case, I would recommend it to you.

Hope to come to the party. Fay and I may be out of town, but I will try and make it if we stick around.