Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Silly idea

So I started this project with an idea. I used to work at the Home Depot and spent many boring nights thinking of cool uses for all of the 5 million products. 1 of the products I saw had great potential: blackboard spray paint. It only costs $4 a can. The beginning!

Last December, my aunt gave me her 91 Geo Metro. I love/hate this car. It gets 42 MPG which is awesome, but every time I turn around something has fallen off. The doors don't work very well, the door handle broke (inside and outside), rust has consumed a major portion of the passenger side door. But, this all added to my resolve to do something fun with it before it finally dies.

It only took two cans of the paint to create a VERY matte black finish. My friend Scott came over and we bought a bucket of sidewalk chalk and started drawing on the car. My final addition was an open invitation to any and all passerbys to add their artist expression to the car. I drove to Westport to see my cousin Ian's band, Echo of the Elms, and more people had added to the car. While sitting at my house, some neighbor kids came over and tagged it with their names and a giant face for the front.

I will begin by taking pictures of the car and continue to update this blog with new additions. Each time it rains a blank canvas will emerge for a new group of street artists.

Watch for it in and around Kansas City.

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angel said...

ah, micke ah wait mikey ;-)
what did i ever do without you, eh?
sweet idea!